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Workplace Wellbeing 

Big breaths and mindful movement for you and your team. The physical and mental health benefits of yoga and meditation are evident not just during the class, but in our approaches and responses to wins and challenges in daily life.

I offer workplace wellbeing programs and workshops in-person in the ACT, and online for interstate, international, and remote-working teams.

Reduce stress and overwhelm, increase strength and agility in body and mind, and boost productivity and morale through yoga and mindfulness. Designed for working professionals, and tailored to your team goals and priorities.

the programs are implemented in your workplace 

Cass guides her students with the perfect balance of attention to detail and intuition that is testament to how much she truly cares for those she instructs. I highly recommend her to yogis of all abilities. One class with Cass and you will never look back!.

Cassidy L

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